IP – Intellectual Property

This is how you keep imitators and competitors at bay: PatentHubble advises you on which IP rights are optimal for your product. We draw up applications and represent you in proceedings before the European Patent Office and the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.

  • Patents for technical innovations (products and processes)
  • Utility models: Quick alternative to the patent
  • Designs: External appearance of products
  • Trademarks: Indication of origin of goods and services

Advice on IP rights

Moving a lot means making some noise – PatentHubble supports you in not violating the IP rights of others while maintaining optimal room for maneuver. At the same time, we manage your company’s IP rights comprehensively and efficiently, and we don’t lose sight of the competition either.

  • FTO (Freedom-to-Operate) expert opinions
  • IP management
  • Competition monitoring

Enforcement and defense

Some imitators are perfect at reproducing successful products almost immediately. PatentHubble consistently implements the entire range of IP rights enforcement. Conversely, we represent your interests if you are accused of infringing IP rights.

  • Coordination of international procedures
  • Representation before all relevant bodies (courts, European Patent Office, national patent offices)

Patent strategies

Patents are of enormous economic importance. With PatentHubble you are always one step ahead. Applying a holistic approach and novel methods, we support your company in developing maximum innovative power, thus ensuring future business success.

  • Proactive patent scouting
  • White spot analyses
  • Employee invention compensation
  • Licensing of IP rights

IP rating

Your company or parts thereof are to be sold? PatentHubble supports you in determining the qualitative, strategic, and monetary potential of your IP portfolio. In addition, we examine possible risks from licensing agreements, the ownership of IP rights, and possible employee rights.

  • Due diligence of the IP portfolio
  • Risk analyses
  • Evaluation of market opportunities

Training & Coaching

We stand for knowledge transfer! PatentHubble considers itself as a partner of your company, which is why we are happy to exchange ideas and pass on our knowledge. We show your specialist department, e.g. R&D, how they can optimally use patent law in the development of innovations in the future and thus also strengthen their innovative power.

  • Patent webinars
  • Keynote speeches
  • Innovation workshops